Black-Owned Brands to Look Out For on Eaze

Taylor Engle
Feb 2, 2022

In honor of Black History Month, we want to take a moment to highlight some of the best Black-owned brands available on our menu for cannabis delivery – brands to be aware of and support for their amazing attention-to-detail, premium product, and care for the community as a whole.

These are just a handful of the fantastic Black-owned brands in the cannabis market – brands that continue to thrive despite cannabis’s ongoing racist and inequitable foundations.

It’s up to the industry to take social equity into their own hands, and Eaze makes it easy for you to support some of the incredible companies doing the work to build themselves up, and as a result, elevate the entire industry:

SF Roots

Born in San Francisco, SF Roots is a premium cannabis brand that prides itself on being one of the City’s first social equity companies.

The team is dedicated to preserving the legacy standards and culture on which the industry was founded, as well as providing consumers with quality flower and infused pre-rolls.

Oakland Extracts

Founded in Oakland and nicknamed “Terps From The Town,” Oakland Extracts answers the City’s need for quality concentrates.

The brand offers live resin extracts, vape cartridges, badders and sugars, and, most popularly, their signature small-batch Cookie Crumble concentrate.

Kingston Royal

Offering an elite line of artisanal flower and pre-rolls, Kingston Royal is a cannabis brand that focuses on honoring their roots and establishing themselves as one of the industry’s frontrunners.

Kingston Royal was founded by Ron Brandon, an ex-professional NFL and CFL football player, musician, and artist. The brand fuses carefully cultivated cannabis with carefully curated artwork, and a strong emphasis on culture.

James Henry

This SF-based cannabis equity brand creates products that are easy to identify, based on the experience your seeking out and how to incorporate cannabis into that.

They also prioritize relevant education drawn from medical science and anecdotal experience, all with the intent of thoughtful consumption that works for you.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Distribution prides themselves on the following core values: reliability, quality, consistency, and integrity. The brand has decades of experience in the industry and utilize the team’s expertise to produce quality cannabis.

Blaqstar Farms

Blaqstar Farms was founded in 2012 with a mission of cultivating clean and high-quality cannabis.

The brand combines traditional, legacy industry cultivation techniques with craft artisan products free of pesticides and chemicals.


Biko was founded by cannabis expert Timeka Drew, an operating social equity license holder and seasoned industry executive.

The brand views itself as a vehicle for underrepresented excellence to thrive, with a goal of building lasting partnerships with other social equity partners and supporting a “sustainable network powered by mutual respect and solidarity.”


Weekenders has dug its heels into its own niche, which has become an increasingly demanded product in the cannabis industry today: the perfect ratio of THC to CBD for the various ways you choose to spend your weekend.

Founded and managed by BIPOC individuals who’ve grown up in the industry, the brand’s products encourage experience: what better way to utilize a seven-pack of 0.5-gram pre-rolls than to share them with some close friends?


Founded by Grammy award-winning Carlos Santana’s son Salvador, VAYA pays homage to the way Santana grew up: surrounded by Californian celebrities and cannabis consumers who got high to get creative.

With Yoruban and Mexican Indigenous roots, Santana is in tune to the injustices that have occurred to Black and Brown operators in cannabis over the years, and he aims to raise awareness around these atrocities through his lifestyle cannabis flower brand.

New Life

Also based in California, New Life is a socially conscious cannabis brand whose number one focus is on uplifting local communities who’ve been negatively impacted by the country’s War on Drugs.

The team is adamant on hiring people from these same communities, supporting local artists, and collaborating with anyone they can.

Licenses: 1. Vaya – C12-0000084-LIC 2. SF Roots – C11-0001133-LIC 3. Oakland Extracts – CDPH-10002243 4. New Life – C11-0000924-LIC 5. Kingston Royal – C11-0001133-LIC 6. James Henry – C12-0000172-LIC 7. Cloud 9 – C12-0000084-LIC 8. Blaqstar Farms – C12-0000160-LIC 9. Biko – C11-0000532-LIC 10. Weekenders – C11-0000371-LIC, C11-0000497-LIC

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