Black History Month: Manifesting with Biko

Diana Gonimah
Feb 1, 2022

Timeka Drew is the founder and CEO of Biko. BIKO is a celebration of the time-honored tradition of cannabis; the ritual, the mystery and the beauty behind the plant. The Eaze team sat down with Timeka to hear what the brand is manifesting in 2022, what product to shop on Eaze if you’re trying Biko for the first time and so much more!

What are you manifesting in 2022?

In 2022, Biko is manifesting collaborations and activations with aligned partners to continue to build community and ensure black creators can continue to survive and thrive in this nascent industry. Black businesses cannot exist in this space without communities committed to helping them grow. As Biko’s founder, I will continue to work on building my portfolio of cannabis licenses to help power Biko and allow the brand to reach new heights. I will continue donating my time and building with groups that value equity, community and accountability in our industry in California and across the country including CERA (Cannabis Equity Retailers Association), Social Equity LA, ETC (Equity Trade Certification) Leadership Coalition, ETC Policy Committee, SEOWA (Social Equity Owners and Workers Association), Hall of Flowers and others.”

What Black person or organization, past or present best embodies the spirit of your brand? Provide video, audio, and photographs that can be used on social media.

Mary Ellen Pleasant continues to be an inspiration to the Biko brand – her grit and determination as an entrepreneur who was focused on creative ways to support black liberation helped light the spark that continues to lead the way for so many black women following in her footsteps in this industry.   

Which one of your products (available on would you suggest to new customers?

Our Juseyo Diamonds THC infused preroll is coveted amongst connoisseurs and is often sold out on retail storefront shelves – if you are in need of a potent product, you only need one Juseyo Diamonds preroll & you can always find it on Eaze. Are you a fan of whole flower you can grind and enjoy in your favorite glass piece or hemp wrap all day? Biko Sun Series has received nothing but rave reviews since its launch – great for the everyday smoker looking to add a little sunshine to their daily consumption ritual.

Why should cannabis customers continue to support Black brands all year round?

Black brands are not easy to find on the shelves of cannabis retailers in California. When you regularly support, you show retailers that they are meeting the demands of their customers by carrying black brands. Black brands and our advocates in the industry need to be able to point to strong data to help ensure we have opportunities to raise funds and build partnerships – consumers who choose to buy black are the creators of that data and those opportunities to grow for underrepresented brands.

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