Best Weed Gifts for Stoners in 2023

Eaze Team
Dec 18, 2023

‘Tis the season to blaze through the holidaze, and if you’re on the hunt for the best weed gifts for your favorite stoner, we got your back! We’ve put together a lit list of dope cannabis accessories that are sure to light up the eyes of your friends, fam, or work buds. Whether you’re vibing with luxurious and playful or keeping it elegant and practical, this weed gifts guide’s got the 411 on all things stoner-worthy. Get ready to score major points with every cannabis connoisseur on your list!

Resin Cleanse

resin cleanse - weed gifts

Does your cannasseur treasure their ritual with the dab rig, pipe, or bong? Enter Resin Refresh—an enhancement to their experience that goes beyond your average cleaning product. It’s not merely a cleaning solution; it’s a thoughtful token that demonstrates your understanding and admiration for their love of the elevated cannabis lifestyle. Picture presenting them with the weed gift of rejuvenating their go-to smoking apparatus, minus the unpleasant scents associated with petroleum-based alternatives or the complications of typical DIY methods. Resin Refresh, featuring a plant-based, all-natural formula, doesn’t just clean; it rejuvenates and renews, restoring the piece to its original clarity and luster. For the discerning enthusiast in your life, this weed gift translates to a revived appreciation for the untainted flavors of their preferred flower or concentrate.

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A Weed is a Flower: Broccoli Magazine

a weed is a flower - weed gifts - a book

Behold “A Weed is a Flower,” brought to you by Broccoli Magazine—an enchanting photographic collection that skillfully reimagines cannabis. This 168-page hardcover masterpiece unfolds as a tribute to the intrinsic beauty of cannabis, presented in spellbinding floral compositions alongside captivating blossoms like zebra grass, lady slipper orchids, and baby’s breath. Curated from Broccoli’s most cherished shoots and enriched by the creative contributions of over 25 visionary photographers and floral artists worldwide, this anthology transcends the conventional coffee table book. Beyond its visual allure, it serves as a poignant reminder of the unique place cannabis occupies in countless hearts and cultures. With dimensions measuring 8.8″ x 10.8″ in a sturdy hardcover format, it emerges as one of the quintessential weed gifts for those who savor the artistry and diverse facets of cannabis—a flawless addition to the collection of any discerning cannabis enthusiast, or creative stoner.

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Interpening: Max Montrose

interpening - weed gift, terpenes book, cannabis book

A must-have for cannabis enthusiasts seeking to elevate their understanding and admiration of the plant, “Interpening” by Max Montrose from the Trichome Institute is an indispensable resource and number three in our weed gifts guide. This book immerses readers in the art and science of “interpening,” a distinctive approach to assessing cannabis quality and anticipating its psychotropic effects that goes beyond conventional strain names and hybrid classifications.

The Interpening methodology, a globally recognized multi-level mastery certification, has found applications across various sectors of the cannabis industry (note: certification program sold separately). Far more than a mere guide, this book serves as an educational reference, empowering readers to evaluate cannabis with the finesse of a pro. Whether your recipient is a casual consumer, an industry professional, or someone fascinated by the intricate science of cannabis, “Interpening” makes for an ideal gift, offering the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and evolve into a more discerning and informed consumer.

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Houseplant Ashtray: Seth Rogen

ash trays - houseplant- seth rogan

Elevate your buddy’s smoke sessions with the ideal stoner gift—the Houseplant ashtray from Seth Rogen’s smoking accessories line. Designed for the ultimate host of the smoke sesh, these ashtrays are sophisticated, elegant and really make the statement “I think you’re dope” come to life. These ashtrays are not just a smoking accessory; they’re a statement piece for all your entertaining needs. It’s the perfect addition to any stoner’s collection, making it a great weed gift for those who appreciate the finer details of a well-curated smoke session. Psst – Houseplant even has their own gift guide section!

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Lady Holder: Elevate Jane

joint holders - weed gifts for stoners

Step into the world of Elevated Jane, where an array of exquisitely crafted cannabis accessories transcends mere functionality. Whether it’s joint cases, glass pipes, pokers, papers, joint holders, ashtrays, or water bongs, each piece is meticulously designed to enhance the smoking experience with a touch of style. These gifts serve as a homage to a stoner’s passion for cannabis and a nod to the unique rituals that make their journey with cannabis extraordinary. With options to suit every herb enthusiast, this collection ensures that every moment spent with cannabis is not just a routine but an infusion of style and enjoyment. It’s the perfect way to elevate the cannabis experience for those who appreciate the finer things in their toking rituals. Not only is the Lady Holder one of our favorite weed gifts to give others, they’re also perfect stocking stuffers and accessories for any smoke sesh.

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Luxury Marble Stash Box Set: Cubbi

marble stash box

Behold these opulent stash boxes, surpassing mere storage solutions to emerge as true works of art. Imbued with precision and elegance, these boxes not only organize and discreetly store cannabis products but also introduce a touch of luxury to any collection. Take, for instance, “The Marble Set,” hailed as the most exquisite stash box ever crafted. Carved from 100% marble, it stands as a stunning centerpiece in your living room. This set includes 2 jars, 1 cup, a tray, and, of course, the awe-inspiring box itself. Gifting this is more than a gesture; it’s a statement reflecting your admiration for their unwavering dedication to cannabis and a recognition of the importance of safeguarding and organizing their cherished cannabis possessions. It’s the epitome of style meeting functionality in the realm of cannabis appreciation. You’re bound to not only receive major points from your best bud, but most likely are invited to every smoke sesh going forward.

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Stundenglass Gravity Infuser


Kicking off our lineup, let’s dive into the Stundenglass Gravity Infuser—a genuine marvel of engineering and design. This gravity-powered water pipe stands as the zenith of smoking innovation, delivering an incredibly smooth and personalized smoking experience. The Stundenglass Gravity Pipe isn’t merely a gift; it’s a declaration. It pays homage to the art of smoking and acknowledges the recipient’s discerning taste for precision and craftsmanship. For those who grasp that smoking is more than a simple act but an experience meant to be savored—whether with friends or in solitude—this is the quintessential gift. It’s a blend of sophistication, functionality, and a deep appreciation for the essence of the smoking ritual.

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The Tectonic9 Auto-Dispensing Grinder: Cloudious9

Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder

Enter the Tectonic9 Auto-Dispensing Grinder—a game-changer that effortlessly streamlines the herb-grinding process. Bid farewell to the messiness of emptying a traditional grinder and the tedium of transferring the perfect amount. A simple press of a button is all it takes for this innovative device to effortlessly grind your herbs to the ideal consistency, freeing up your time and energy. Say goodbye to the struggles of conventional grinders; this modern marvel ensures your herbs are ready for use in a matter of seconds. Brace yourself for the inevitable question from other tokers: “Where did you snag that grinder?” Where you will answer with, “My best bud gifted it to me for the holidays”.

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Best Weed Gifts Available on Eaze Delivery


Gelato Cake - 3.5g Circles Base Camp

Gelato Cake offers a well-balanced euphoric and uplifted experience. It is known for its sweet, dessert-like aroma and flavor profile with hints of creamy vanilla and earthy undertones, Gelato Cake often induces a happy, calming effect. This strain is favored by users seeking a blend of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Weight: 1/8 oz (License No. C11-0000532-LIC). Shop now. 


White Runts Juseyo - 1g Biko

BIKO JUSEYO is designed with flavor, creativity and the everyday smoker in mind. This preroll contains tasty White Runtz, a hybrid strain known to pack a potent punch. Sweet flavor notes often perceived as vanilla and peach make this strain a perfect summer treat. Contains a single 1g preroll. Weight: 1g. (License: CDPH-10003275). Add to your cart!


Cereal Milk/Cereal a la Mode AIO - 1g Cookies

Switch hits with your mood. Dual chambers in one vape so you can rotate strains with a click and find the vibe that hits right. Premium weed oil from Cookies brand flower, individual atomizers, gravity fed tanks, and curated strain pairings for the ultimate two in one dispensary experience. Cereal Milk: Relaxed body feel with a happy head high. (Indica) Cereal a la Mode: Full bodied happy and giggly high. (Indica) Weight: 1g. (License No.C11-0001135-LIC). Shop all vapes. 


Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar Kiva Confections

A blend of fresh blackberries and toasty cannabis come together in Kiva’s dark chocolate to create a unique flavor that lingers on your palate and will leave you craving more. Let the tart berry aroma mingle with the 54% cacao and savor this superb culinary combination. Each bar contains 20 servings. Each serving contains 5mg THC. (License No. CDPH-T00000118) Shop all edibles available on Eaze Delivery.


Ice Cream Cake Hash - 1g Tutti

Tutti hash is a flower topper for the bong loading, pipe filling, joint rolling, and flower-loving community. #PowerYourFlower with a dash of Tutti hash on your cannabis flower for a powerful, flavorful, and longer-lasting smoking experience. Weight: 1g. (License No.CDPH-10003250). Shop here!

Now that we’ve got the best weed gifts of 2023 straightened out, don’t forget to order Eaze Delivery just in time for the holiday party! (Weed is the best gift of all, you know). (;

Check out our Cannabis Gifts That’ll Make Dry January Lit gift guide as well! They’re also perfect presents that’ll ignite the December festivities.

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