Best-Selling Cannabis Products of 2021

Diana Gonimah
Dec 29, 2021

Not quite ready to think about New Year’s Resolutions? We feel you. We’re still processing 2020, too. But we have to admit, there were some good times in 2021. Reminisce on the good moments by checking out our roundup of some of the best-selling products on in 2021, which also happen to be 35% off on Thursday and Friday respectively.

2021 Bestsellers that are 35% off on Thursday, December 30, 2021:

1. Stiiizy OG – Pineapple Express – 1g

A sativa-dominant hybrid born of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian, Pineapple Express makes for an energetic and tropical uplifting high–perfect for taking a long walk to hit your step count for the day.

2. Everyday – Royal Cookies – 1 gram

An indica strain with California roots, this potent flavor will center you with calming effects perfect for resetting ahead of the new year.

3. Circles – Pink Lemonade – 1 gram

For a tasty hybrid, try this designer blend of invigorating terpenes for a refreshing puff.

4. Circles – Strawberry Kush Preroll 7 pack

Bring enough prerolls for everyone–we won’t be sharing the same joint for a while. A crowd pleaser, these prerolls feature delicious berry flavors and scent profiles.

5. Leune – Calibre Hash Infused Prerolls 2-pack

One of the newest additions to the LEUNE family, Calibre was thoughtfully crafted for the consumer who wants a little extra punch in their prerolls.

2021 Bestsellers that are 35% off on Friday, December 31, 2021:

6. Plus – Sour Watermelon Uplift Gummies

Start the new year with a burst of positive energy with and a jubilant high that will leave you feeling bubbly and uplifted.

7. Kiva – Camino Midnight Blueberry

Settle in for a smooth slumber with Midnight Blueberry gummies: their calming combination of THC, CBN, relaxing terpenes and chamomile and lavender oils help promote restful sleep.

8. Kanha – Strawberry gummies

Satisfyingly sweet, these delicious Strawberry gummies are made with indica terpenes to induce a happy and relaxed state of mind.

9. CANN – Blood Orange Cardamon 6-pack

Dry January? You won’t miss alcohol when you try these microdosed 2:1 CBD-to-THC beverages allow for a smiley, uplifted buzz. No hangover, all-natural, and only 35 calories.

10. Emerald Sky – Wild Berry Gummies

Your evenings could use a relaxing mood enhancement. Try these Wild Berry gummies by Emerald Sky — infused with a flavorless indica THC, they’ll help you end a busy day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

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Cann: CDPH-10003710, Emerald Sky: CDPH-10002851, Kanha: CDPH-10002689, Kiva: CDPH-10002402, PLUS: CDPH-10001901, LEUNE: CDPH-10003599, CIRCLES: C11-0000532-LIC, STIIIZY: CDPH-10003246, Everyday: CDPH-10003907

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