The best (and worst) places to get an Eaze delivery at Comic-Con

Eaze Team
Jul 18, 2019

High from Hall H!

Comic-con is a dizzying sensory overload, a time- and energy-draining pop culture immersion experience, and a whole lot of fun. In other words, the perfect place to enjoy the moment!

Let’s face it, comics and cannabis are close allies – did you see Doctor Strange? – and superhero supplies run out at ‘Con faster than you think. Have you seen those epic lines?

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As always, Eaze’s heroic on-demand menu will be available in San Diego all weekend, but getting a delivery anywhere near the Convention Center itself can be tricky – trying to meet a driver in the thick of costumed crowds of thousands probably isn’t the greatest of evil plans.

AVOID: Ordering to the convention center itself, the closest and busiest Gaslamp District streets, or anywhere people are overwhelming the flow of traffic. An exact, valid address is always required (no cross-streets or landmarks), and don’t forget to bring the driver your credit card and ID.

And remember, public consumption is not legal in San Diego, so always enjoy the moment responsibly and courteously!

So … where should you get an Eaze delivery at the ‘Con?

Your best bet: Wherever you hang your cape.

Your hotel will likely have spacious entrances and private driveways that are well-equipped for you to meet your driver when they arrive. But If you’re out and about in San Diego and want to enjoy the moment, there are a few options for an easy, breezy, faster-than-a-speeding-bullet delivery.

Uh-oh! I’m in line for Hall H already!

Your Eaze driver can’t come to you in line – sorry! – but if you feel confident that someone can hold your place, there are a couple of spots nearby, on either side of the big, white, pedestrian bridge that spans Harbor Drive and the light-rail tracks opposite the event.

On the near side, you’ll have no problem spotting the tall, fancy hotel with a sweeping driveway; drivers can easily access it from all directions – but keep in mind it’s one of the most happening spots in the city, where Hollywood VIPs stay and celebrities do interviews with media from around the world (how cool would it be if your favorite movie or TV star strolled by while you were getting an Eaze delivery?).

If you want to receive your order away from that hustle and bustle, walk across the bridge and follow the streets that hook around Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. The team is always out of town during Comic-Con weekend, and the streets back there are quiet – it’s not part of the scene.

It’s super close, but even during the height of ‘Con, drivers have easy access without having to fight the crowds. Plug in an address and start your walk over with about 15 minutes to go, since streets on that side are light on businesses and seating options.

I want food, drink, and a seat while I wait!

There are tons of cafes and restaurants in the heart of the Gaslamp, and any will do (as long as your street isn’t blocked off) for a delivery destination. But a lot of what’s nearby is pretty mediocre.

For a more elegant experience, we recommend the Water Grill on the corner of Sixth and J streets – this old-school steak and seafood joint is a little spendy, but offers killer small bites for happy hour, and sitting at the bar is key: Its open, street-level windows make it super easy to spot your driver when they arrive. Bonus: You’re practically surrounded by hot ‘Con party venues and events, so enjoy the world’s best people-watching!

The Water Grill in San Diego (Google Maps)

When you’re ready for a chilled-out cold one.

A day of waddling among the crowds squeezed into the main floor at Comic-Con would make any watering hole seem appealing, but the Mission Brewery, in the East Village just a block or three off the beaten path of the Gaslamp, is so much better than any of the closer options, which are overrun with people in tights.

With some of San Diego’s most respected craft brew, a huge tasting room and a small pinball arcade, it’s the perfect place to unwind and talk about the trailers you just saw … all while your Eaze ETA ticks down to 0.

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