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Sandy Cohen
Sep 27, 2019

Besito vaporizers spread good vibes.

Even as she pursued graduate business studies at Stanford, Maggie Connors wasn’t thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. Then she saw California cannabis legalization on the horizon.

“I really felt called to be an entrepreneur in the newly recreational cannabis space,” says the founder and CEO of LA-based Besito, which recently launched a trio of elegant, all-in-one vaporizer pens.

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Inspired by more than just her lifelong love of the plant, Connors saw legalization as an important societal shift with widespread benefits, and knew she had to serve that mission.

“I believed that building strong cannabis companies that would encourage the momentum of legalization which is good for the country,” she says. “By that I mean helping end mass incarceration, first and foremost, because of the criminalization of this wonderful plant, but also cleaner supply chains and better consumer safety.”

And this was years before the recent illnesses related to black-market cartridges.

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So Connors established Besito, a company with social equity built into its DNA – and one of the best-looking vaporizers on the market.

Business savvy, beautiful design.

Besito founder Maggie Connors [photo courtesy of Besito]

“I’m really, by day, a design- and consumer behavior-obsessed person,” Connors says, almost confessionally.

But the products she saw in local dispensaries weren’t speaking to her: “It was a lot of black packaging, very masculine, and often extremely potent.”

Employing her business acumen and well-honed design awareness, she set out to create an alternative — an attractive, easy-to-enjoy product that provides just enough of a buzz to foster social connection, not an isolating or alienating high.

“What we set out to do with Besito is create something beautiful with intuitive dosing,” she says. “It’s like a sip of rose’ instead of a bottle of tequila.”

[Photo courtesy of Besito]

Available in grapefruit, mint and blackberry, each self-contained, stainless steel pen is filled with pure sativa-hybrid cannabis oil perfectly calibrated for a THC:CBD ratio of 2:1 that quells anxiety and produces a light, worry-free lift ideal for socializing.

“People like to consume a little cannabis with friends and then go out on an adventure, whether it’s to a festival or a hike or an art museum,” Connors says. “Cannabis, in the right formulations, can really enable those social experiences on the go. And of course it’s extremely portable and discreet.”

No rolling away.

Besito’s eye-catching hexagonal design isn’t just unique to the marketplace, it’s eminently practical: these vapes won’t roll away and off the table like cylindrical ones do.

Design has been central to the company from the start, from the pens’ colorful packaging and innovative geometric shape to the brand’s advertising and messaging on social media.

“The aesthetic needed to be more approachable, but at the same time, we wanted it to be fun,” Connors says. “Weed really enables the giggles and a little bit of magic in the world and so we wanted to show that kind of social but stylish good time.”

A deeper mission.

Behind those good times, though, is a conscious company that cares deeply about social justice and rectifying the wrongs of prohibition.

“We believe it’s the moral obligation of the legal cannabis industry to use some of the profits made off this plant to repair the harm caused by the War on Drugs,” she says.

During National Expungement Week, Besito released “A Record Shouldn’t Last a Lifetime,” a campaign highlighting stories of those most affected by the War on Drugs and advocating for widespread national expungement. The company also announced a new partnership with Equity First Alliance, an LA-based nonprofit working to expedite expungements and advance equity in the cannabis industry, and has promised to donate a percentage of each product sold to support EFA’s mission.

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Despite her professional history with major international brands like Starbucks and Apple, Connors says working in California’s growing cannabis industry is right where she belongs.

“When I graduated college, I felt like I had to choose between working for a nonprofit and really making an impact or going corporate and selling out,” she says. “And now, with every decision I make as a leader in this industry, I’m given the opportunity to create a more equitable industry, and that’s exactly what I want to do.”

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