ATLAS SLEEP TEA | Finally, a nighttime CBN formula just for the Z’s

Eaze Team
Aug 26, 2019

These letters are making you sleeeeeeepy: C-B-N.

Cannabis does so many things well, but helping us sleep may be one of its most powerful, time-tested, and sought-after qualities. Consumers seeking relief from insomnia are extremely common in the age of legalization, but here’s where it gets tricky: not all cannabis products will necessarily help you sleep.

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Some, like high-energy sativa rich in certain cannabinoids and terpenes (like pinene and limonene), can get your heart and mind racing. And while there are guidelines for better sleep options – dank indicas, nighttime drops, the like – leave it to the mad scientists at Atlas Edibles to finally harness the power of the elusive cannabinoid CBN.

[Photo courtesy Atlas Edibles]

What is CBN?

Like CBD, CBN is one of the many non-intoxicating cannabinoids that, when paired with THC, contribute to the complex “entourage effect” of a given strain. But CBN is scarcely produced by the cannabis plants themselves – instead, it’s created as the THC in marijuana flower begins to age and oxidize.

Scant scientific evidence has linked isolated CBN and sleep, but it’s believed to be the reason old, dried flower has gained the reputation for making us extra drowsy. And smaller studies have shown that when taken in conjunction with THC, CBN can accelerate the intoxication effect.

But extracting enough CBN to take advantage of its powers has been a challenge for the industry. Atlas, whose full-spectrum granola edibles and uplifting beverage mixes were already peerless innovations of their own, has found a way to turn THC into CBN through a proprietary oxidation method.

Then, through many months of exhaustive testing out ratios with various focus groups, Atlas optimized its sleep formula at 7 mg of CBN, 5 mg of CBD, and 2 mg of THC. Those cannabinoids have been infused into natural sugars that dissolve easily in water, believed to be an industry first.

“We’ve been developing it for a while, with the flavor of chamomile mint – already associated with nighttime,” Atlas co-founder Ezra Malmuth tells Eaze.

The single-use tea pouches contain real powdered chamomile, and like their powdered drink mixes meant for recovery and daytime uplift, the Sleep formula easily dissolves in water.

“It’s an instant tea,” Malmuth says, “and we recommend hot water, but it can be dissolved in cold, too.”

Convenient, portable, discreet, effective, delicious – but above all, innovative and one-of-a-kind? Maybe it’s time to stop being surprised when Altas raises the cannabis bar.

Sleep tite!

This post was created in partnership with Atlas Edibles, which operates in California under License No. CDPH-10001996.

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