Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Eaze Team
Sep 30, 2020

Hi there,

Thanks to friends in high places like you, the past six years have been a massive hit for Eaze. But now we’re ready to reintroduce ourselves–it’s time for Eaze 2.0. Check out our refined logo, stop and enjoy our new billboards all over town, and wait til you see the new bags pulling up to your doorstep.

We’re introducing “Highly Calculated Delivery”. Why? Because we’re not regular nerds. We’re the weed nerds–experts in data, delivery, and of course, dank.

From edibles to drops to pre-rolls and so, so much more–our team is focused on getting you the best blaze for your buck.

As we continue to grow our selection, keep an eye out for our new look and an ear out for the doorbell.



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