7 Bingeable Series to Pair With Your Next Eaze Order

Taylor Engle
Aug 18, 2021

We’re right in the thick of summer, and with that comes an unbearable heat that has you wanting to curl up next to the AC, binge a new series, and, of course, order your favorite goodies from Eaze.

It’s never been so simple to make that happen, especially with this roundup of top picks for binge-able series and a fully stocked Eaze menu waiting for your perusal.

Whether you feel like tuning into a thriller, an animated comedy, something action-packed, or a deeply-reflective-yet-light-hearted satire, we’ve got a curated list of our (and the Internet’s) favorite shows to waste away a hot summer’s day with.

Pair these picks with our recommended products, or check out our full menu to make your own creative selections.

For solo binge sessions, virtual watch parties, or small gatherings with like-minded and TV-oriented friends, Eaze has you fully covered.

Netflix’s Lupin + PLUS Pineapple Express Gummies

Lupin, a thrilling retelling of the classic French story of thievery, mastery, and disguise, has already been dubbed one of the most bingeable shows of the year.

Released in January 2021, the two-season series follows Asssan Diop as he sets out to avenge a familial injustice. This mystery thriller is the perfect thing to lock yourself in for the weekend with.

Make sure to order some of PLUS’s Pineapple Express Gummies ahead of time – the perfect sweet and hazy snack to keep you completely engaged with this masterpiece.

HBO’s Mare of Easttown + dompen Midnight Berry All-in-One

If you’re into dramatic crime series featuring badass female characters, why haven’t you binged HBO’s Mare of Easttown yet?!

Starring the legendary Kate Winslet, this one-season series takes place in the suburbs outside of Philly and features other heavy hitters like Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart, and Evan Peters.

Winslet is flawless in her role as police detective Mare Sheehan, a closed-off local hero with a dark past, a reputation to salvage, and a mysterious murder to piece together.

Once you start this show, you won’t be able to turn away until it’s over, so make sure you have one of dompen’s Midnight Berry carts within arm’s reach – the perfect all-in-one for ultimate relaxation.

Netflix’s Big Mouth + Circles Sour Diesel Base Camp

Although Big Mouth isn’t quite new to Netflix, its four-season run (with plans for a fifth) has captivated adult animated comedy enthusiasts everywhere.

Big Mouth is all about coming-of-age, a concept that makes us reflect, cringe, and smile all at once. The show definitely emulates all of these emotions – along with an insane amount of laughter.

Binge this series with some of Circles’ Sour Diesel Base Camp on hand, a classic throwback strain for a show that will remind you of simpler (and yet, so not simpler) times.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Americans + Foxy Guava OG Cannabis Resin Cart

The Americans is a period piece: a spy drama that takes place during the Cold War. The series isn’t new to Prime – it ran from 2013-2018 – but the fact that it’s already set so far in the past makes it truly timeless in its excitement, drama, and intrigue.

With six seasons and 75 episodes, you’ll have more than enough content to have multiple binge sessions.

Pair the intoxicating series with Foxy’s Guava OG Cannabis Resin cart, a heavy indica with balanced cerebral and body effects.

Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers + Emerald Sky Hybrid Creme FIlled Chocolate Cookies

Miniseries are all the rage right now, and no one is doing them quite like Hulu. Nine Perfect Strangers, which premiered on August 18, is a rightfully-dramatic interpretation of the 2018 novel by the same name.

The show features nine strangers from the city gathering for a 10-day retreat at Tranquilium House, a health and wellness resort that promises to heal and transform its guests.

The strangers quickly realize the resort isn’t what it seems to be, and they spend their time trying to uncover what’s really going on.

Make sure this show is queued up in your Hulu account so you don’t miss any new episodes, and have plenty of Emerald Sky’s Hybrid Creme Filled Cookies on hand to munch on as you indulge.

Netflix’s Cobra Kai + Voodoo Clementine Moonrock

If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, Netflix’s Cobra Kai is perfect for you.

Jam-packed with humor, heart, and nostalgia (the series is meant to act as a sequel to The Karate Kid and features OG stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka), Cobra Kai is perfect for the whole family – and the perfect background show for a lazy, phone-scrolling binge.

Pair this quirky series with Voodoo’s Clementine Moonrock, an indica-dominant experience recognized by its maintained potency and unmatched flavor.

HBO Max’s The White Lotus + Flow Kana Banana Mango

HBO Max has the Internet raving about The White Lotus, their latest satirical drama that was released on July 11.

The show, which takes place in Hawaii, follows the vacations of several hotel guests over the span of a week. There’s more than meets the eye with this one: for as understated as it is, a dark complexity slowly emerges more and more with each episode until you’re convinced you might be in an alternate universe.

Pair this satirical piece with Flow Kana’s Banana Mango, the gateway to your own personal tropical paradise – hopefully a much more lighthearted one.

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