5 predictions for legal adult-use cannabis in California

Eaze Team
Apr 19, 2018

Eaze CEO Jim Patterson looks to the horizon as marijuana goes mainstream.

Whether you’re a battle-worn medical marijuana advocate or a cannabis skeptic, there’s one thing we can all agree on: The industry is evolving so rapidly that no matter what you think of sweeping legalization, it’s going to change your relationship with cannabis. In many ways, it already has.

Maybe that’s in the way you talk about cannabis with family, colleagues, and on social media—a new survey of Eaze users shows a dawning era of openness, especially as this year’s 4/20 celebrations get under way. Maybe it’s a new brand or delivery method that becomes part of your wellness routine, like CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s gaining popularity in innovative products like BeTru.

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Despite our widening political divisions, the issue of legalization broke free from traditional conservative-liberal boundaries in 2017, with the vast majority of Americans supporting an end to marijuana prohibition. California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia have all followed Colorado and Washington to legalize recreational cannabis or decriminalize possession. More dominoes are poised to fall.

Here are five things you can expect to change in 2018, the first year of legal adult-use cannabis in California:

1. Consumers will step into the light. Time to #OwnIt.

Eaze customers are ready to celebrate Marijuana Week—the seven days surrounding 4/20—and they’ll do it more openly than ever before.

We surveyed nearly 5,000 registered Eaze consumers last month, and nearly half (44%) said they planned to celebrate the unofficial cannabis holiday by posting on social media. Thirteen percent said they’d be marking 4/20 for the first time, and 70% of those said legalization is the reason they’re ready to be more open about it.

More reason to own it: 94% of respondents say a friend has benefited from medical marijuana, while 70% say an immediate family member benefits from cannabis therapies. Witnessing the real-life therapeutic and medicinal benefits of marijuana will stimulate empathy and have a powerful destigmatizing effect.

Every time someone comes forward, marijuana takes another step toward the mainstream. We encourage anyone who feels comfortable to join Eaze’s #ownit and #eazeMW social media campaign this Marijuana Week.

You’ll be helping make cannabis not just accessible, but accepted. Own it!

2. Trusted brands are here, and that’s a good thing.

Brands in cannabis are no different than in any other industry—they’re about trust.

Strong brands are good for cannabis and consumers. If a brand is operating legally and making great products, consumers can trust that they’re consistent, compliant, tested, and accurately labeled. It’s something Eaze takes very seriously. And it’s the law.

But it also looks better, which makes it feel better. Baggies and plastic film canisters have given way to professional packaging, elegant designs, and innovative technology. If you’re of age this 4/20, why not try something cool and new? We have plenty to recommend:

Maybe you’re ready to jump on the oil vaporizer bandwagon with a wood-tipped cartridge from Jetty. The all-in-one convenience of DomPen’s fruity terpene-flavored vaporizer could be perfect for your no-fuss lifestyle. An elderly loved one may finally find relief with BeTru’s CBD pain relief cream. Curious about edibles and microdosing? Valhalla gummies are a trusted starting point. And if you just want a superior smoke from the world’s most legendary growing region, what’s better than an expert pre-roll from Humboldt Legends?

All of our brands are licensed, lab-tested, accurately labeled, 100% compliant, and of exceptional quality. Order from Eaze knowing that you’re getting the best brands available—just be prepared to fall in love with a few.

3. A new acronym will enter the vocabulary: CBD

If you haven’t heard of CBD, you will. And if you have been hearing about cannabis’ second-most common compound, you’re going to be hearing a lot more.

Unlike THC, the most abundant cannabinoid and the one that gets you high, CBD is not psychoactive. But it has shown promise as a therapy for a wide spectrum of serious diseases and everyday ailments. That includes everything from epileptic seizures and chronic inflammation to the neuropathic pain that comes with multiple sclerosis and diabetes. CBD has also been examined as a potential “exit” drug in addiction studies.

But CBD is more likely to find its way into your medicine cabinet for trying out as a gentle, non-pharmaceutical option for relief from insomnia, stress, anxiety, and other modern afflictions.

4. Hello wellness-conscious consumer. Goodbye stoner stereotype.

Consumers are getting wise.

More people experiencing chronic pain, nausea from chemotherapy treatments, epilepsy, and other serious ailments will try legal cannabis. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances this year, prompting bodybuilders, mixed martial arts fighters, and other elite athletes to endorse it for recovery.

And we’ll see more consumers skipping the hangover and empty calories of alcohol and accepting marijuana as a liver-friendly alternative. In fact, four out of five consumers we surveyed said they replaced at least some of their weekly drinking with cannabis.

Brick by brick, these developments wall off the stereotype that marijuana makes us lazy, boring, and hungry.

A big part of this perception shift will happen as your dad’s joint and your aunt’s mealy pot brownies give way to more elegant and user-friendly branded products. But what will really finish off that old stereotype is the reality that people use marijuana for reasons as diverse as people are. We’ve never just been one thing.

5. Only the compliant will survive.

Eaze is committed to compliance.

Our dispensary partners only source cannabis products from licensed California brand vendors. We never work around regulations—we work through them, hand-in-hand with all applicable state and local lawmakers and agencies. If we can’t do compliant business in any given place, we won’t do business there, period.

Unfortunately, you can’t say that about everyone. Black market cannabis sales are still a factor. Authorities are grappling with how to crack down on rampant unlicensed suppliers, dispensaries, and delivery services—and the websites that openly promote them. They won’t last.

When you order cannabis products from Eaze, be confident that what you’re getting is 100% legal, California-produced, lab-tested, and fully compliant. When you order from anyone who’s not verifiably all of those things, just know that they probably won’t be around much longer.

But legal cannabis? Here’s a prediction you can take to the bank: It’s here to stay.

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