5 amazing PAX Era vaporizer features you probably didn’t know about

Eaze Team
Apr 15, 2019

You love your PAX Era. Now behold its full range of powers.

If you’re the type to read the instructions for all the gadgets you buy, you’re probably way ahead of us here.

But if you’re like most of us plug-and-players, who don’t study the troubleshooting section until there’s actual trouble to shoot, we’ve got news for you: Your PAX Era does more than you could have imagined.

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Though it’s tempting to just plug a high-quality PAX pod into your Era and start your session (uh, guilty!), we took a minute to reckon with all of its amazing and intuitive features.

Here are 5 cool things that even we didn’t know this next-level device could do:

1. There’s an app for that!

The Pax Mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, and is the master key that unlocks all sorts of Era’s nifty tricks. Though you certainly don’t need it for it to work well, you’ll be missing out on temperature and flavor control, lockout security, and games, to name a few.

2. Track your session.

You may be convinced that you’ve been taking it easy today, but the numbers don’t lie! Session-tracking might be the most practical of Era’s features, giving you even more confidence in your experience. With the double-tap of a finger, Era will tell your current session status by illuminating the LEDs in different colors.

3. Total temperature control.

With four pre-set temperatures on the device (and 1-degree increment customization on the app), Era gives you more control over your vaporizing experience than any device on the market. Cycling through the temp settings is easy: shake Era and then pop out the pod; when it shows the level you want, pop it back in.

While there’s no wrong way to vape, we recommend trying each temp setting for each pod. You’ll notice a difference in flavor, vapor production, and potency – and higher temps aren’t always better! Era’s presets range from 520 Fahrenheit (low) to 790 (high), and most oils have a sweet spot.

Depending on the oil, Lower temperatures may produce richer flavor and are best for full-spectrum or terpene-rich extractions. Higher temperatures will make bigger, more intense clouds, and are also good for getting the last out of pods before they’re exhausted.

4. Algorithm-controlled heating.

But wait – there’s more! Even as you change temps and pods, Era is looking out for you. While other devices apply the same power regardless of coil temp, Era’s proprietary algorithm-controlled heating uses 8 watts until the heater reaches your selected temp, when variable wattage kicks in. Wattage applied to the heater is automatically adjusted and regulated throughout the session, so your last puff tastes as good as the first.

5. Games!

Uh oh, your pizza order got messed up, it’s now forever away and you can’t bring yourself to look at Instagram one more time. “Simon,” “PAX Man,” and “Spin the PAX” to the rescue! Game Modes work with or without the app; just slowly roll your era horizontally, three times, to summon one of these three classic games. Have fun and enjoy the moment!

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