ENJOY THE MOMENT | How to make the most of Eaze’s 4/20 sale

Eaze Team
Apr 20, 2019

[This promotion is now over. Thanks to all who participated!]

It’s here! The most wonderful day (and time) of the year.

For pure savings on cannabis products, only Green Wednesday can hang with 4/20. But this day is bigger than just 40% off (almost) everything on our menu.

Today is the super bowl of sativa, the Oscars of OG kush, the holiest of high holidays. And though we celebrate 4/20 together, everyone is different – there are as many ways to enjoy cannabis as there are people who do, and we’ve been celebrating the full spectrum of our customers all year long.

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Whether you’re in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Portland, or anywhere Eaze delivers legal, tested marijuana products, we want to know: What’s your 4:20? A special-occasion reach for the top shelf? Stocking up on stash-box staples? Or maybe this is your first time!

With nearly everything 40% off, we’ve curated our favorite products to fit whatever’s on your 4/20 wish list.

Bring forth your finest flower!

Top-shelf, eh? Excellent choice. You’ll never go wrong with THC Design: Expertly bred and indoor-grown by cannabis mad scientists on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles, THC Design strains are consistently fresh, fruity, and sticky with juicy trichomes. At these prices, find out why THC Design is fast becoming cultivation legend.

It’s my first time – go easy.

Welcome, and great timing! If smoking or vaping isn’t your thing and you just want to ease into things, 1:1 soft gels from Care By Design are a perfectly balanced starting point. With each capsule, 10 mg of THC is enough that you’re going to feel something, while 10 mg of CBD will balance that sensation so your experience is less intense and more relaxed.

The most blaze for your buck.

You know exactly what you want: Whatever’s cheap, tastes great, and gets you high. A half-ounce pouch of Old Pal pre-ground flower isn’t just the cheapest in California. It’s also the real deal. Pick up one or two of these (sativa, hybrid, and indica) and you’ll be amazed at how many satisfying sessions you get from these nifty, pocket-friendly kits that include papers and smell-proof seal.

Two words: party joints!

If you’re headed to a 4/20 party (or throwing one), have we got the perfect table favors: Pacific Stone prerolls. A full quarter of quality, trim-free flower is packed into 14 perfectly spun joints. It’s almost too easy.

I want to celebrate with something special and new.

The Cloud Berry preroll from LEUNE may be our favorite new product of 2019, and it’s certainly the most innovative. Infused with natural terpenes, Cloud Berry is packed with juicy blue-fruit flavor, but not too much to overwhelm the quality cannabis. They’re festive, potent enough to pass around, and sure to delight and intrigue your best 4/20 buds.

What have you got for the zombie apocalypse?

Uh, wait, do you know something we don’t? The fact is, cannabis products are pretty ephemeral, and need to be consumed in a matter of weeks, not months. There is evidence to suggest that THC concentrates can be preserved long-term if frozen, and these wonderful new CBD-forward powdered beverage mixes from Atlas Edibles have a shelf life of up to a year.

Just give me the highest THC you got.

We get it – it’s 4/20, and you want to get hiiiiiiigh. On this day, who’s going to judge? Not us, friend! Though percentages are hardly the end-all, be-all of effects, it’s just too delicious to obsess over numbers. Classix is crushing it in their Los Angeles indoor grow facilities, where they produced the Cannabis Cup-winning Wedding Cake strain for sister brand Triple Se7en. If you want to crush those big numbers this 4/20, check Classix take on Chemdawg4, testing as high as 29%.

Thanks for shopping Eaze, have a magical 4/20, and enjoy the moment!

[Product(s) named in this story are registered under California licenses C11-18-0000532-TEMP, CDPH-10002270, C11-18-0000162-TEMP, PAL18-0001346, A11-17-0000026-TEMP, and C11-18-0000375-TEMP]

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