EAZE INSIGHTS | What a Cannabis Consumer Looks Like in 2021

Diana Gonimah
Nov 1, 2021

To say a lot has changed over the past year is an understatement. With lifestyles shaken to the core, it’s no surprise our relationship with cannabis has changed too.

To better understand how cannabis consumption patterns have evolved, we polled 1,100 Eaze customers across California about the role cannabis plays in every facet of their lives, from work and productivity to sex and mental health. Here’s what we learned about the modern cannabis consumer:

Your PTA President is a cannabis consumer

Despite widespread legalization and better portrayals of weed in the media, many still don’t realize that the modern consumer is as likely to be the badass mom in your neighborhood as it is your cool cousin in grad school. 36% of Eaze customers who responded to our survey are parents or soon-to-be parents. 30% have one child, 40% have 2 children, and 18% have 3 children.

parenting with cannabis, parents who smoke weed

The regulars at your local dog park? They smoke a lot of weed (the owners, duh)

Our survey unveiled that 68% are pet-owners. With 43% self-reporting as dog parents, 18% having cats and 12% having both.

pets and cannabis

Newbs to doobs, canna-seurs, and everything in between 

As we learned in last year’s State of Cannabis report, age is but a number in the world of cannabis across multiple generations. When we polled our customers on how long they’ve been consuming cannabis, we saw an even distribution of use across age groups. The largest group has been consuming for 10-15 years (13%), followed by those who have been consuming cannabis for 2-4 years (12%) and 4-6 years (12%). 11% have been consuming for 15-20 years while 9% have been cannabis consumers for more than 30 years.

eaze customers, length of cannabis consumption

 Cannabis consumers are as diverse as the strains on our menu

Our survey revealed a wide range of vocational interests and educational backgrounds and employment statuses. 37% of Eaze customers hold a Bachelor’s degree, 19% have their GED, 18% have an Associate’s degree and a combined 12% have their Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

level of education cannabis consumption

60% have full-time jobs, 7% are freelancers, 6% are small-business owners, 6% are part-time employees, 5% are students and 4% are retired. 7% are currently unemployed, a figure likely influenced by the volatility of the job market during the global pandemic.

Their vocational paths all diverge widely, but the two most represented industries among Eaze customers were Service and Hospitality (12.5%), Tech (12.4%), and Healthcare (10.4%).

The modern marijuana consumer is frugal

While Eaze customers hailed from a wide range of incomes, from minimum wage to six-figure salaries, the main factor in cannabis purchase decisions was price, across all categories.

average income level and cannabis consumption

In fact, an overwhelming 78% of customers said price and deals was the most important factor to them when shopping on Eaze.

cannabis shopping decision eaze weed delivery

Smokers get out the vote

Our survey also found that 82% of Eaze customers voted in the last national election, a figure significantly higher than the national average–in a typical election, 60% of eligible voters participate.

Weed from home powers a better WFH routine

Smashing the archaic lazy stoner stereotype that lingers in media and pop culture, our survey revealed that Eaze customers use weed to succeed at work. With 65% of those employed working remotely, getting Eaze delivered powered work productivity for many.

  • 43% of survey respondents microdose cannabis before work
    • 15% always microdose before work
    • Of the small business owner respondents, 61% microdose before work
    • 40% of full-time workers microdose before work
    • 25% of Eaze customers consume cannabis daily.

***It should be noted that “microdose” was left to the survey respondents’ interpretation. For some that means less than 5mg and for others that could mean up to 10mg. 

There’s no one-size-fits all for the modern consumer

As the modern consumer hails from a wide range of income brackets, educational backgrounds, and demographics, it’s no surprise we all use cannabis for very different reasons. When asked what their favorite kind of high was, 36% of Eaze customers say “productive” is their favorite kind of high, only surpassed by “giggly high”

  • Productivity and focus (9.52%) was in the top 5 primary uses for cannabis

favorite kind of high, eaze, productive high, cannabis, delivery

Cannabis got us through a whirlwind of a year 

While cannabis can be a great way to socialize and bond, its use for physical, mental and sexual well-being is often understated. 

When we asked Eaze customers the main reason they use cannabis, more people reported using cannabis primarily for stress (21.9%) and mental health (21.5%) management than for any other reason. Other popular reasons included fun (17.2%), sleep (12.2%) and productivity (9.5%).

main reasons for cannabis consumption

  • 37% use cannabis with workouts
    • Of those who used cannabis with workouts, 22% consumed cannabis for pre-workout and 20% for post-workout. 59% use cannabis for BOTH pre- and post-workout, with yoga, running and weight-lifting being the most popular physical activities to pair with weed.

cannabis, exercise,

Stoners have more sex on Friday and Saturday

When it comes to waking and baking, Fridays and Saturdays hit different after a hit of some prerolls from Eaze. Our latest survey found that the most popular day of the week for Eaze customers to have sex is Saturday (31%) followed by Friday (18.2%) and Hump Day (9.2%). Eaze customers had the least sex on Tuesdays (2%).

  • 79% consume cannabis before sex, which falls in line with a survey we launched with Playboy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which had revealed that nearly 75% of Americans paired cannabis with sex during shelter-in-place months.
  •  24% of Eaze customers always consume cannabis before sex. Our survey also determined that people who reported consuming cannabis before sex also reported having sex more frequently.
    • 32% of respondents who always consume before sex report having sex 5+ times a week, compared to 11% of respondents who never consume.
    • 64% of the respondents who never consume cannabis before sex reported having sex just once a week, while only 29% of those who always consume cannabis had sex just once a week.

cannabis consumption, sex

The art in cannabis

As months of lockdown inspired many to look inwards and explore new hobbies and interests, cannabis was a core component of self-discovery.

  • 64% of Eaze customers ranked art and music-related activities (listening to music, making music, making art, appreciating art) in their top two activities they enjoy pairing with cannabis.

music, cannabis, genre, rap, jazz, weed delivery, california music

Smoking to the beat of their own drum

While cannabis consumers have distinct music tastes, there were three genres are the most popular to pair with cannabis: rock, hip-hop, and R&B each drew 15% of Eaze customers’ music preferences.

  • 40% paired cannabis with a new skill or hobby in the past year
  • 37% report cooking with cannabis
    • 26% list “eating and cooking” as one of their top two favorite activities for pairing with cannabis

Snacks and star signs set people apart. 

The findings in our survey transcended basic demographics such as gender and race, with men and women sharing similar consumption habits.

  • 7% of men AND 7% of women consume 3-5X per week
  • 13% of men and 11% of women consume every day.

But it was other factors such as our horoscopes and our munchies preferences that divided cannabis consumers.

With only 16% of Eaze customers reporting that they don’t particularly care for astrology, it’s no surprise cannabis preferences were impacted by sun signs. Beverages were especially popular for the fiery summer signs Leo and Cancer, while Scorpios and Virgos emerged as the sweet tooths of the zodiac preferring chocolates as their mode of edible consumption.

weed preferences and zodiac

Top sun signs in each category of edibles:

  • Mints: Aries
  • Gummies: Libra and Sagittarius
  • Chocolates: Scorpio and Virgo
  • Beverages: Leo, Cancer and Aries

We asked Eaze customers what their favorite fast-food chain was when the munchies hit. And while 23.9% do not consume any fast food, In n Out emerged as the victor, gaining 20.6% of responses followed by Taco Bell (17.8%) and McDonald’s (11.4%).

In the snacks category, popular munchies included Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (11.8% of respondents name it their go-to munchies snack), Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked ice cream (10.8%) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (10.4%).

Puff Puff Passing on the Stoner Stereotypes

The modern cannabis consumer is constantly evolving and expanding as society moves past the stereotypes and stigmas that have been boxing people out of exploring the plant’s benefits for years. With an ever-expanding selection of products from edibles to beverages to innovative strains of flower, Eaze is honored to have the opportunity to be a consumer’s first touch with cannabis, and we’re committed and devoted to increasing education around cannabis consumption, starting with reports like this.

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