3 Mother’s Day cannabis wellness gifts we’ll deliver to you in a flash

Eaze Team
May 5, 2018

Grant your mom three wellness wishes this Mother’s Day.

Living in 2018 means more moms can feel better about feeling better.

Even before legalization created a wave of openness about cannabis, Mother’s Day was one of the top cannabis holidays in California. Moms love marijuana, too! And if the mom in your life doesn’t like to get high, that’s OK. There are plenty of ways to experience the plant’s wellness applications without a buzz.

And yes, we’re open on Sunday!

Here’s the best thing about these Mother’s Day gifts: If you’re in an Eaze delivery zone, we’ll get them to you in under an hour. You could head to mom’s place and have it delivered there before you can get those flowers into some water (no, not those flowers).

What else could you possibly want? A Mother’s Day card with your delivery?

Fine! Done! We’ll send one along! (Seriously.)

Now you truly have everything you need to give mom not just a thoughtful gift, but everything for …

A good night’s sleep.

These indica sour watermelon gummies from Valhalla are good for lots of things—chronic pain relief being one—but if mom just wants to sleep better and doesn’t like to smoke, these will do wonders. Valhalla also makes sativa (good for focus and micro-dosing) and CBD-only flavors.

Relief from pain.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm has both THC and CBD for immediate topical relief of pain from arthritis, inflammation and soreness. Its cannabis terpenes and mild menthol create a pleasant pungency, while the slippery skin feel is wonderful on healed scar tissue and for deep tissue massage.

A deeply relaxing soak.

OM Edibles cannabis-infused Epsom salts for the bath are not psychoactive. But the cannabinoid CBD has a way of relaxing and rebalancing us that’s just beginning to be understood—Om suggests preparing yourself to feel the effects in the body. Also makes a wonderful hand and foot soak for creaky joints or tired feet.

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