3 cannabis products that will not get you high

Eaze Team
Apr 13, 2018

CBD: Marijuana’s self-care secret.

CBD is the second-most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana, is non-psychoactive and doesn’t cause you to feel high. But it has been the subject of many therapeutic studies for a wide range of things, from anxiety to managing epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

CBD won’t make you feel sleepy, hungry, or paranoid. Get ready to transform your self-care routine and the way you think about what marijuana can do.

Vape to revive without getting high.

This Revive CBD Grapefruit vape is CBD only and comes in a grapefruit flavor. No battery needed, this is an all-in-one disposable product so you just inhale and go. The combination of CBD and tart grapefruit is intended to reinvigorate and help you regain energy. Pure CBD, absolutely no THC, and even more importantly, no nicotine.

These delicious edibles are completely THC-free

Edibles are often associated with a stronger effect than smoking, but these CBD-only Pineapple and Coconut gummies zero psychoactive feelings. Each serving has 100mg of CBD in a delicious morsel. Many people describe the effects of CBD as calming and relaxing on both a physical and emotional level. PLUS gummies are a great way to start experimenting with gentle CBD.

Use marijuana creams and lotions for pain

CBD topicals are for anywhere on the body where relief is needed. Many use it for back pain, sore muscles from exercise, cramps, body aches from lack of sleep or travel, or really any discomfort. The CBD in the lotion takes about an hour to absorb into your body and once it does, many people report to feel pain relief and anxiety reduction.

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