Your THC Holiday Gift Guide

Diana Gonimah
Dec 20, 2020

Concert tickets, surprise trips to exotic destinations, in-person cooking classes–just a few of the gift ideas you’ll have to toss aside this holiday season. But not all experience gifts are cancelled.

According to a probably-biased poll of our closest friends, the gift of dank is at the top of everyone’s wishlists. So save the (21+) loved ones in your life a trip to the mall by gifting them something they won’t need a gift receipt for.

Here are our top picks for the 2020 holiday season:

1. For the Bobby Flay in Your Life: DIY THC Gift Basket ft. Eaze Pantry Favorites

Get crafty and go all out for the foodie in your life this year. Maybe it’s a parent or a highly-loyal friend–whomever they are, everyone loves a good gift basket–especially a gift basket made up of items from Eaze’s pantry. Here’s everything you should throw in there:

Movie Theater Butter Popcorn by Pop-Up Potcorn – 100mg THC

Everyone misses the movies, but these treats make at-home even better. Infused with live resin and made with full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis, this PotCorn has a hybrid-strain cannabis kick that makes you feel perfectly euphoric-yet-chill.

THC Sriracha by Potli

Perfect for adding to your favorite meals, this deliciously spicy, cult favorite hot sauce is infused with 100mg of nano-emulsified THC for an immediate kick in flavor that’s followed by an uplifting, energizing effect.

THC Olive Oil by Om Edibles

If you’re gifting someone a pasta-maker this year, you might want to add this full-spectrum extra virgin olive oil. With 20 mg THC per teaspoon and 240mg THC per bottle, they can bake, sizzle, rub or drizzle it as they wish, during cooking or to top off finished food.

Cannabis-Infused Mustard by 2Fly

A classic condiment with a kick: crafted from natural, artisanal ingredients, this mustard gets a level up with a hint of turmeric and 5MG of THC. Best paired with pretzels, hotdogs, or even salad dressings for a nice boost.

Cannabis-Infused Ketchup by 2Fly

Made from fresh vine-ripe tomatoes and savory spices, the secret ingredient in this ketchup is a cannabis infusion of 5MG THC per packet. For at-home or on-the-go consumption, 2Fly Ketchup pairs great with burgers, fries, and eggs.

Sundried Tomato & Chili Salt Crackers by Tempo

These delicious crackers are hand-made with Parmesan and seasoned with sundried tomato & chili salt for a spicy snack. Each cracker has 2mg of THC, making it the perfect doseable snack.

Lemongrass & Ginger Beverage Mix by Atlas

This Lemongrass and Ginger Mix gives each drink a fresh, zesty flavor with a spicy finish using real, raw ginger powder. The first of its kind, this 10mg CBD and 5mg THC packet is Rosin-infused, perfect for a relaxing winter evening.

2. For the Sweet-Tooth in Your Life: Donut Shack flower by Island and Red Velvet Cookies from Dr. Norm’s

Island’s dessert strain is an ultra-relaxing indica celebrating all things indulgent, with fragrant notes of sugar, and a sweet terpene profile consisting of beta caryophilene, humulene and limonene.

Pair this sweet-tooth’s delight with these moist, delicious, and indulgent cookies from Dr. Norms–loaded with white chocolate chips, delectable flavor, and of course THC.

3. For the Up-and-Coming Artist: Jack Herer Ultra – 0.3 Gram by Heavy Hitters

For the aspiring screenwriter or songwriter in your life, consider this legendary sativa with an earthy, flower-forward taste. It delivers an ideal daytime high, perfect for creatives and those in need of a little focus.

4. For the Seasoned Smoker: Dynasty by Foxy

A hybrid made from crossing Kush Mints with Lemon Kush, Dynasty is a high-THC delivering a strong uplifting-yet-relaxing euphoric high, with a mint heavy, complex taste and a hint of vanilla.

5. For the Essential Worker You Admire: GSC – 0.5 Gram by Bloom Farms

For the friend in need of a head-to-toe body high, you’ll love this vape from Bloom Farms. A bouquet reminiscent of chocolate-mint wafers, GSC delights you with an initial head-clearing mental uplift followed by a relaxing body melt. And as if you needed more of an incentive to shop Bloom Farms, the company has a 1-for-1 program, in which they donate a meal for every product sold.

6. For the Cannabis Connoisseur: Tangimal Cookies by Everyday

For the savvy, everyday cannabis consumer in your life (read: you), consider this high-potency flower from Everyday. More aromatic than grandma’s freshly baked orange cookies, this strain’s a great way to start your day with an energizing burst of creativity and focus.

7. For Literally Anyone Living Through 2020: Wild Berry Gummies by Emerald Sky

Let’s face it, everyone could use a little help unwinding these days, so these indica treats will certainly be well-received. Infused with a flavorless indica THC, they’ll help you end a busy day and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

8. For the Thrifty Femme in Your Life: Naked 0.6g Preroll by LEUNE

Give your stocking an upgrade with this hybrid preroll from LEUNE. This preroll is rolled with love and nothing but clean, honestly grown California flower.

9. For Your Best Buddies: 10-pack of Indica Minis by Besito

This year’s all about puff-puff and no-pass. Gift your friends (that you wish you could see more of this year) the gift of mini pre-rolls from Besito, a womxn-founded company with a mission to reinvest in communities most affected by the War on Drugs.

Hand-folded in unbleached rice paper, each of these little tins contain 10 .35 oz full-flower mini joints for you to enjoy on your own, or with some socially distant friends.

10. For Yourself: Lemon Larry Base Camp by Circles

Treat yourself after a long day of shopping for others with this hybrid flower, delivering the relaxing and potent high you need and deserve.

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