10 Cannabis Pairings to Cycle Into Your Self-Care Routine

Diana Gonimah
Jul 12, 2021

We tried out a bunch of different activities that bring us joy and relaxation: some creative, some effortless, and some shockingly productive. Check out the perfect cannabis product for every one of your self-care whims:

The Creative Self-Care Approach

If a year of social distancing unleashed your creativity, your self-care approach has probably included painting—both professionally and by numbers. Whether you’re morphing into Bob Ross, learning new dances to raise your TikTok clout, or dusting off your MFA to write the poetry collection you’ve been putting off for years, pair your creative ventures with the following hybrid cannabis products:

1. Heavy Hitters’ Pineapple Express is there when you need a creative escape. This popular hard-hitting hybrid, redolent with tropical flavors, will give you the energetic buzz you need to finally give your dog the oil-on-canvas portrait she deserves.

2. Reward yourself every time you master a new nail art design with Emerald Sky’s Tropical Mango Hard Fruit Drops. Flavored with natural mango extracts, these refreshing hybrid drops make for a wonderful morning and afternoon companion for your creative soul-searching.

3. Conquer your writer’s block and foray into the depths of your left brain with Neutron Genetics’ Rocket Infused Hybrid Preroll. With one-and-a-half grams of premium flower, you’ll summon the most artistic version of yourself.

The Productive Self-Care Approach

You may think productivity is a foil to self-care, but many people feel a greater sense of control over their lives after some spring cleaning. Last year evoked a lot of reflection. Some feelings of intellectual curiosity may have driven you to hunt for your Rosetta Stone passwords, enroll in Gordon Ramsey’s MasterClass in cooking, or to learn the art of negotiating with Chris Voss. To stay laser-focused, energetic, and in great spirits while achieving your goals for the week, you’ll want to sample some of the following sativas:

4. Online learning has never been more enjoyable. Super Lemon Haze by Happy Sticks is a kief-caked, multi-colored sativa wonder that does everything to live up to its name. Tart and sweet like Lemonheads candy, this will give you a uniquely energetic and lively high.

5. Your apartment’s toughest stains never stood a chance against the dynamic daytime high you’ll get from Dompen’s California Citrus. Channel your creative energy toward some much needed Marie-Kondo-approved spring cleaning.

6. Crush your learning goals with Legion of Bloom’s Pax Era 10K Jack. Uplifting and creative, this motivating sativa has aromatic notes of jackfruit, pine, and citrus. And it got its name from an old tale has it that a single cut of this highly sought after phenotype once sold for $10,000, lending it its catchy namesake.

The Traditional Self-Care Approach

The traditional approach to self-care is all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. That’s your cozy playlist, candle-blazing, bubble bath and sheet mask type of night. You’re setting the 1000-piece puzzle aside and indulging in the ultimate luxury—that rare moment of doing nothing. Top off the greatest self-care routine out there with an indica and take in the euphoric effects of some bath and personal care cannabis products:

7. Self-care Sunday may have gained popularity to chase away the Sunday Scaries, but we all should exercise self-care every day. Whether you’re an incredible essential worker at the frontlines or you’ve been adjusting to staring at a screen at home all day, take time to wind down with God’s Gift by Loudpack. With potent origins from parent strains Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, these prerolls deliver a strong full-bodied high.

8. Safe to say every early 2000s rom com would agree that the quintessential self-care day involves a bath. Elevate your luxurious bath time with Om Edibles’ relaxing bath soak, infused with premium cannabis flower, lavender and other essential oils.

9. Because sipping on a glass of wine in your bathtub is so passé, save your calories for dessert and get a proper buzz with Cann.

10. For the grand finale of your glamorous self-care routine, let your day or night get a little sweeter with Dr. Norm’s Chocolate Chip Therapy. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, each cookie is perfectly dosed with clear distillate–that means they pack a powerful punch without the “weedy” taste.


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