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Cannabis delivered.

CBD shipping nationwide

Cannabis delivered.

Eaze offers on-demand delivery of cannabis products in California and Oregon. For most other US states, we ship hemp-derived CBD products.

We’re having a Budsgiving and you’re invited!
BUDSGIVING | We're grateful for the folks at our table
Explore our amazing selection of products.
We’re having a Budsgiving and you’re invited!
BUDSGIVING | We're grateful for the folks at our table

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BUDSGIVING | We’re grateful for the folks at our table

We’re grateful for everyone in the Eaze family.

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Visit our social channels and make your Thanksgiving extra special.

We’re having a Budsgiving and you’re invited!

Check back here for daily deals on your favorite greens.

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[All year round, veterans receive 25% off all cannabis deliveries from Eaze. Here’s how.] Over the past few years, as more and more research has revealed the medicinal benefits of cannabis, a number of advocacy groups like Weed for Warriors and Operation Evac have formed to fight for veterans’ rights to medicate with THC and CBD […]

Here’s how veterans can get 25% off cannabis deliveries year-round

We stand by our veterans.

Eaze welcomes social equity brands to the family

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