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Eaze Community Takes Action Against COVID
5 Cannabis Products Every Gemini Should Try
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Eaze Community Takes Action Against COVID
5 Cannabis Products Every Gemini Should Try

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5 Cannabis Products Every Gemini Should Try

While Taurus season is all about slowing down and the great indoors, Gemini season pushes us to pick up the pace and get social. This season infuses us with extroverted energy. It’s a time for fresh air and stimulating conversation. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are all about exchanging information—whether it’s IRL […]

How to Pair Your Favorite Music Genre with Cannabis

For as long as anyone can remember, warmer weather and summer months have been practically synonymous with music blasting: dancing in the warm air, hair blowing in the wind, and no regard for tomorrow. Maybe you always spend your summer vacation on the beach with a blunt getting lost in a vibrant melody, but 2020 […]

Monday Munchies: Memorial Day Edition

In honor of everyone’s favorite Monday in May where we get to celebrate with food and family, this week’s Monday Munchies is all about remembrance. Memorial Day is the American holiday that was initially designed to honor those who’ve lost their lives fighting for our country, but today it means so much more. With the […]

Pairing Cannabis With Your Workout Gains

Are cannabis and exercise the only things keeping you going in 2020? Have you been working out to look good for your virtual MDW barbecue? Whether you’re an avid runner or you tried yoga for the first time this week, we have the scoop on how to combine the two elements of quarantine you love […]

POWER FLOWER | Now you can have your flower and vape it, too

Vape cannabis flower in 3 easy steps—and have it both ways.

Eaze Celebrates Women’s Health Week With 60-Minute Yoga Sculpt Flow

National Women’s Health Week is important to us every year, but 2020’s lack of predictability thus far underscores the importance of tending to our physical and mental health above all else. There’s a lot we can’t control right now, but we can be kinder to ourselves and more present. To help us feel stronger and […]

Eaze Donates PPE in Honor of International Nurses Day

As the fight against COVID-19 rages on, Eaze is honored to join a group of entrepreneurs in healthcare, tech and logistics in helping the essential workers battling the pandemic day in and day out. To protect the valiant healthcare heroes on the frontlines, Eaze is partnering with Operation Masks, a non-profit organization delivering PPE to […]

Giving Yourself A Time-Out This Mother’s Day

Whether you’ve been on the frontlines as an essential worker or pulling double-duty as homeschool teachers over the past two months, it’s time you give yourself a time out. This Sunday is not your average Self-Care Sunday. It’s Mother’s Day and it’s your time to enjoy the moment. Since the annual Mother’s Day brunch outing […]

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 from Home

The second Sunday in May in America is typically a joyous one. Families gather dressed in various shades of pastel to celebrate the most prominent people in their lives: the women who raised them. While this year’s Mother’s Day is nowhere near ideal, there are quite a few ways to make your mom feel special, […]

Monday Munchies: Cinco de Mayo Edition

For several years, the Golden Coast has cracked ice-cold Coronas and tossed carne on the grill in honor of the festive holiday Cinco de Mayo. Honoring the Chicano Rights Movement that took place during the 1960s and 1970s in the U.S. (and specifically in California), it is a day of remembrance, celebration, and indulgence–the hazier, […]

5 Jedi-Approved Products To Try On May The Fourth

On the fourth day of May in 1979, The London Evening News featured a congratulatory advertisement in honor of Margaret Thatcher’s inauguration that read: May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations. The advertisement was both meant to honor Thatcher and cheekily nod to the cult sensation that had swept the world just two years […]

ISLAND | Finding Your Island—Wherever You Are

For the first time in years, our calendars are wide open. From the music festivals to the weekends packed with obligations, every big event that would otherwise monopolize our time is no longer standing in our way. As a result, getting on island time is now easier than ever. With a little help from Island’s […]

Observing National Space Day with CIRCLES

Today we’re celebrating National Space Day—nope not that kind of space, we’ve had plenty of social distancing to last us a lifetime. Each year, on the first Friday of May, we celebrate the extraordinary celestial bodies that make up the universe. With the Pentagon releasing three videos of unidentified flying objects last week, there could […]

10 Cannabis Pairings to Cycle Into Your Self-Care Routine

We’re seven weeks into social distancing. By now, there’s no doubt the majority of us have taken a meeting in boxers, joined the family Zoom call with a face mask on, or taken a plunge into bread-making. Every publication under the sun has proposed some self-care ideas—you’re probably an expert by now, but are your […]