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6 ways to replace wine (and other alcohol) with cannabis
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6 ways to replace wine (and other alcohol) with cannabis
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DAWN OF CANNABIS | Industry VIPs unite to tackle tough challenges
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The stickiest 4/20 origin story, the one that seems most credible, starts with a group of five California high school kids.

Let’s own this moment together. Be a good 4/20 citizen.

Help make marijuana mainstream.

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You want the best vaporizer cartridge, you need the best parts. Select goes hard.

DAWN OF CANNABIS | Industry VIPs unite to tackle tough challenges

The cannabis industry is chugging up a steeper hill than anyone had anticipated.

5 predictions for legal adult-use cannabis in California

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20 ways to celebrate 4/20 in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego

Where to be, what to see on 4/20.

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Sun-grown in the thick of Northern California, the world’s most legendary cannabis flower is less than an hour from you on Eaze.

GADGET ALERT | G Pen’s Gio vape and State oil are must-have 4/20 tech

Treat yourself this 4/20 to the ultimate gadget: G Pen’s sleek new Gio vape and State’s latest single-strain oils.

EAZE INSIGHTS | 2017 State of Cannabis data report

People, product, and wellness trends from 350,000+ California cannabis consumers.

EAZE INSIGHTS | People are opening up about cannabis this 4/20

Californians are opening up about cannabis use this 4/20. Legalization is the reason.

PLUS edibles are precisely dosed, but a delightful treat, too

If you want a perfectionist making the edibles, go with PLUS.

Lucky420 is on a mission to expunge marijuana records

Entrepreneur Rachel Hazlett has been wrapping social justice into Lucky 420’s prerolls from the start.

6 ways to replace wine (and other alcohol) with cannabis

Used to booze but ready for bud? Here are some great marijuana-alcohol equivalents to get you started.

3 cannabis products that will not get you high

These marijuana products will transform your self-care routine and the way you think about marijuana.

POWER FLOWER | Now you can have your flower and vape it, too

Vape marijuana flower in 3 easy steps—and have it both ways.

TOPICAL STORM | Cannabis is the future of balms, creams and skincare

These topicals feel as good as they look.

5 reasons to leave rolling cannabis joints to the experts

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WHAT IS CBD? | The ‘not high’ cannabis compound is changing everything

People are turning to CBD for relief from ailments both serious and everyday.

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ISLAND | A classic beach-breeze feel, more than just prerolls

ISLAND. Riding a wave of mainstream cannabis.

WHAT IS INDICA? | The ancient mountain strain is secretive and misunderstood

Indica, the ‘body high’ cannabis strain is fashionable again as CBD is better understood.

Shatter your expectations about cannabis concentrates

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EAZE INSIGHTS | 2016 State of Cannabis Data Report

People, product, and wellness trends from 250,000+ California cannabis consumers.